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Vijay Prashad: Chile is at the dawn of a new political era

The search for the new era in Chile has two important avenues: the writing of the new constitution, which is what the 155 members of the Constitutional Convention are doing, and the presidential election to be held on November 21, 2021

Shaun Richman: Happy Striketober

Let’s Restore the Legal Right to Strike

Joann Wypijewski: India Walton Didn’t Come Out of Nowhere

Buffalo’s transformation is the fruit of years of struggle

Jeff Cohen: The Big Lie in Rahm Emanuel’s Senate Testimony  

This was an open-and-shut case, and it started leaking to community leaders and independent journalists that the police claim about McDonald having lunged at police was totally false.

Julia Conley: Rich Nations Have Delivered Just 14% of Vaccine Doses Promised to Poor Nations

“It is painfully clear that the developing world cannot rely on the largesse and charity of rich nations and pharmaceutical companies, and hundreds of thousands of people are dying from Covid-19 as a result.”

Andreína Chávez Alava: UN Expert Releases Full Report on Impact of US-led Sanctions Against Venezuela

UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan reiterated her call for sanctions relief, stating they undermine Venezuelans’ human rights

Joe Parkin Daniels: ‘Haitians are Kidnapped Every Day’

Missionary Abductions Shed Light on Growing Crisis

Michael Hudson: Biden Between BlackRock and a Hard Place

The Biden Administration is intertwined with Wall Street but must deliver some election promises to workers

Julia Conley: New Study Reveals Poor, Low-Income Voters Were Crucial in Toppling Trump in 2020

The findings challenge “the media-driven narrative… that white low-income voters are the de facto base of the Republican Party.”

Mel Gurtov: Gravy train: Corporate profiteering on national defense

War in the Middle East since 1990 has cost the US roughly $7 trillion. Yet the United States evidently can’t afford a $3.5 trillion bill for the well-being of all its citizens—a real national security bill

Don Fitz: Challenge Capitalist Use of Agriculture as a Weapon of Domination

It is time to take action against corporate methods of agriculture which poison the food our families eat

David Vine: Do You Want a New Cold War?

The AUKUS Alliance Takes the World to the Brink

Jia Hong: Half a Million South Korean Workers Walk Off Jobs in General Strike

South Korean workers have thrown down the gauntlet, and we should all pay close attention

Tom Mackaman: The removal of Jefferson’s statue is a gift to the political right

It is not accidental that the attack on Jefferson, the figure most closely associated with equality in American history, comes in the midst of a pandemic that has killed 750,000 Americans

Bhairavi Desai: “Dire Crisis of Poverty”

NYC Taxi Drivers Launch Hunger Strike to Demand Relief from Medallion Debt

Brett Wilkins: Taking Aim at Predatory Equity Firms

Warren Leads Bill to ‘Stop Wall Street Looting’

Julia Conley: John Deere Threatens to Take Away Striking Workers’ Health Coverage

“Workers must be allowed to keep their healthcare during the strike”,

Tom Morello: Songs of Justice, Songs of Power

The Industrial Workers of the World — the shock troops of the early-20th-century labor movement — virtually invented the protest song for the modern age

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Burnout

Burnout, especially in these times, seems to have become extremely common

Mike Hembury: Climate Strike or “Turn to Sabotage”?

A planet-wide general strike is our way – our only way –  of collectively stopping the capitalist death machine from within

Jessica Corbett: Total Knew About Climate Threat From Fossil Fuels for Decades, But Denied It

“The dire consequences of climate change we are now experiencing could have been avoided if Total executives 50 years ago had decided that the future of the planet is more important than their profits.”

Phil Jones: When wage becomes wager: the dark side of microwork sites

Microwork sites are modern-day digital sweatshops reintroducing piece rate that regularly steal wages while employers remain hidden behind opaque interfaces

Thom Hartmann: Rightwing Media Causes Death When “Used As Directed”

Now that rightwing media has arguably caused more Americans to die than has tobacco, it’s time to consider a strategy like we used with cigarettes to balance their deadly lies and misinformation

Luke Savage: Bernie Sanders Is Showing the Democrats How to Take on Joe Manchin

For months, Bernie Sanders has been making a case for the multitrillion-dollar reform bill he’s spearheaded in the Senate. Now, he’s taken that case to Joe Manchin’s home turf in West Virginia

Dan Osborn: Kellogg’s cereal workers strike for employees who have been left behind

Workers at Kellogg’s are proud to feed the country with the cereal they make, but they say that the company’s exploitative two-tier employment system keeps many of their coworkers from earning a fair wage

Badri Raina: In Sectarian Politics, Sauce for the Goose Is Never Sauce for the Gander

For some unmentionable reason, all rationality and political or cultural empathy disappears when the subject of Kashmir comes up

Paul Wilcox: India Walton’s campaign for mayor of Buffalo stands up to harassment & intimidation

With two weeks to go to the Nov. 2 elections, Walton remains strong

Abby Martin: What Are the Prospects for Peace?

The need for critical media literacy and mass organizing has never been more urgent

Julia Conley: Richie Neal Turned Paid Family Leave Into Insurance Giveaway

“Passing a poorly designed paid leave proposal is a dangerous political game for Democrats”

Richard Seymour: The internet was built for connection – how did it go so wrong?

The World Wide Web celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Its users are less empowered than ever

Medea Benjamin: Our Future vs. Neoliberalism

In country after country around the world, people are rising up to challenge entrenched, failing neoliberal political and economic systems, with mixed but sometimes promising results

Nick Engelfried: Why activism needs to be part of any meaningful climate education

Simply teaching kids about the science of the climate crisis isn’t enough. To prevent feelings of disempowerment, they need to see how they can make a meaningful impact

William Minter: Indigenous Movements Are Key to the Fight Against Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration and other governments may make climate pledges. But often it’s indigenous-led movements who will see that they’re kept

Ramzy Baroud: Empty Gestures or Substantive Change?

On the Nobel Prize in Literature and Its Discontents

Sonali Kolhatkar: Advocates for Haitian Asylum Seekers Call for Humane Treatment

“Why are some human beings more deserving of rights than other human beings?”

Chris Walker: Students in GA Protested Against Racism. Only the Black Pupils Were Punished

Black students only make up 33 percent of the student population — but the report found they accounted for 52 percent of all disciplinary actions taken by school administrators in the county

Patrick Parenteau: FEMA Ignores Puerto Rico’s Chance to Build a Clean Energy Grid

FEMA plans to spend $9.4 billion on fossil fuel infrastructure instead

Ethan Paul: Why Doesn’t Congress Oppose Biden’s “New Cold War”?

There has been almost no “meaningful dissent among Democrats” in Congress about “the need to make sure that we don’t let this beast run out of control.”

Kenny Stancil: Manchin Sparks Fury With Demands for Work Requirement

“Who besides a cartoon villain would ever think this is a good idea?”

David J. Elpern: Dermatology’s Academic Medical-Industrial Complex

Another Marker of a Wider Problem

William rivers Pitt: It’s Joe Manchin vs. the World, and Manchin Is Winning

For the time being and the foreseeable future, Manchin and his corporate sponsors hold the top cards. Unless something spectacular happens, there are no good ways out of this. The Joker was right: Everything burns

Hamilton Nolan: The Strike Wave Is a Big Flashing Sign That We Need More New Union Organizing

If you want more strikes, make more union members

Patrick Cockburn: The west can’t engage China on the climate while also demonizing them

Despite all the apocalyptic predictions of climate catastrophe, the moment when these countries really believe that they face an existential threat has yet to arrive

La Via Campesina: Food Sovereignty, a Manifesto for the Future of Our Planet

Food Sovereignty offers a manifesto for the future, a feminist vision that embraces diversity

Brett Wilkins: ‘Half-Measures Are No Longer Enough’

“The United States can restore its position as a global leader in conservation and prevent many of these extinctions, but it must take swift action that matches the extent and scale of the problem.”

Richard Falk: On Denigrating the Humanities

Self-satisfied economists and software engineers can collect Nobel Prizes and earn lofty salaries for their day jobs, superciliously denigrating humanists from the comfort of their deck chairs on the final cruise of the restored Titanic

Paul Edwards: Good Americans

What real difference is there between “USA, we’re Number One!” and “Deutschland Uber Alles”?

Ray Levy Uyeda: Is the ‘Defund the Police’ Movement Working?

Some cities are restoring police budgets that had been cut in response to last year’s uprisings, but that doesn’t mean the ‘defund the police’ movement hasn’t fueled innovation across the U.S.

Peter Maass: Colin Powell Was a Nice Man Who Helped Destroy Iraq

As secretary of state in 2003, Powell lied at the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction

Jonathan Cook: After Corbyn, Israel lobby turns its guns on UK academia

The Jewish Chronicle warns that the dismissal of Prof David Miller is ‘just the beginning’

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