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Noam Chomsky: The War in Ukraine Has Entered a New Phase

The escalation ladder from limited to terminal nuclear war is all too easy to climb

Mikaela Loach: Climate Strike

Interview on How Capitalism, Colonialism & Imperialism Fuel Climate Crisis

Abby Zimet: The Stranger Who Resides With You

DeSantis, Greg Abbott and other slimebuckets have reverted to the standby of racist fear-mongering

Fariba Amini: Mahsa, a National Iranian Symbol of Resistance

The death of Mahsa, like that of Neda before her (shot during the Green Movement), shows that the Iranian population in general and women in particular have had enough

Eve Ottenberg: Class Warfare Grinds On

Government priorities do not include worker pay or working conditions

Lynne Segal: My Revolutionary Inspiration, Barbara Ehrenreich

Remembrances of the late author have focused on her best-selling Nickel and Dimed with only rare acknowledgement of the major roles she played in women’s liberation and U.S. socialism

Badri Raina: SC’s Words on TV ‘Hate Speech’ Strike Several Chords, But Will Govt and News Anchors Listen?

In clearly enunciating the relation between hate speech and profits, the honourable court has revealed the very heart of the systemic arrangements that now characterise the state and its predilections

Don Fitz: Life Expectancy: The US and Cuba in the Time of Covid

Recent data shows that between 2019 and 2021, life expectancy (LE) in the US plunged almost three years while for Cuba it edged up 0.2 years

Thom Hartmann: How the Supreme Court Set Up the Criminal Takeover of America

So much money is sloshing around in our political system that honest politicians are buried and actual criminals are stepping up

Andrew Moss: Casting a discerning eye on political theater

The term “political theater” has taken on some pointedly negative connotations in recent days. When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew two planeloads of migrants from San Antonio, Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on September 14, critics condemned the action as “political theater.” When a group of Venezuelan migrants flown to the island filed a class-action lawsuit against the Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Noam Chomsky on David Graeber’s Pirate Enlightenment

Interview on pirate societies, ‘bewildered herds’ and the fragility of the present in the context of the late anthropologist David Graeber’s final book

Mia DiFelice: The Sneaky Ways Big Oil Pushes Its Interests

Big Oil lied to us for decades about climate change. And they’ve hid behind scientists, academics and even “grassroots” groups to do it

Cam Fenton: The climate movement was built for a world before climate change — it’s time for a new approach

We need a mass movement that can deal with climate disasters. That means training people to both protect and mobilize their communities

Stan Cox: The Nightmare of Military Spending on an Overheating Planet

A Big Carbon Bootprint and a Giant Sucking Sound in the National Budget

Ruth Santiago: Another Hurricane Makes Clear the Urgent Need for Rooftop Solar in Puerto Rico

As Hurricane Fiona brutally underlines the lessons from Hurricane María, activists, advocates, and community members continue to demand energy justice now

Julia Conley: Ohio Court Filings Detail Dozens of Patients Put Under ‘Extreme Duress’ by Abortion Ban

“In the days after S.B. 23 took effect, we had to cancel over 600 appointments. Many patients broke down in tears in our office… some threatened to hurt themselves because they were so distraught.”

Paul Street: Clockwork Orange: The Intimately Related Impunities of Fascist Floridians Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

A remotely functioning democracy would have jailed Trump for fraud and/or sexual assault years ago

Karen Dolan: The data is in: Poverty is a political choice

Even as inflation remains high and COVID stubbornly persists, economic indicators show a potential for remarkable resiliency when the political will exists

Amelia Morris: Multilevel Marketing Companies Are Cashing In on the Crisis

Behind the growth of “cult-like” multilevel marketing lies the fact that our economy leaves growing numbers of people isolated, insecure, and vulnerable to promises of a quick way out

Vijay Prashad: Will the Samarkand Spirit Revive the Word ‘Mutual’ in World Affairs?

Words like “mutual” are appealing only if they provide tangible benefits for the people who live in these countries

Marjorie Cohn: States Need Constitutional Amendments to Protect Abortion From Right-Wing Judges

At least nine states provide a right to abortion in their state constitutions. None contain an explicit constitutional right but courts have implied the right by construing provisions that protect privacy, liberty and equality

Elisha Brown: The money behind Kentucky’s anti-abortion ballot measure fight

The Kentucky measure asks whether the state constitution should be amended to make it clear that there are no constitutional rights to an abortion

Margaret Kimberley: Asylum, Migration, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Citizens of nations under U.S. attack, such as Venezuela, are made eligible for asylum. Haitians suffer under U.S. dictates but are deported and returned to the hell that Washington created.

Vangela Wade: Environmental racism from Jackson to Flint

There are people here who are fighting the fight, people here who have made strides and significant changes

Sonali Kolhatkar: Evil empire: Let the monarchy die along with Elizabeth

The British royal family papers over the pillage it continues to benefit from

Jessica Corbett: Manchin Unveils Full Text of ‘Shameless Handout to the Fossil Fuel Industry’

The “reckless and dangerous” bill “would devastate communities and the climate while making a mockery of Congress and the Biden administration’s commitments to environmental justice.”

Sarah Anderson: A Farm Worker Speaks Truth to Power in Washington

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh got an earful from essential workers before inducting them into the agency’s Hall of Honor

Tom Hoy: Why the climate movement should target oil refineries

By satirizing the dangers of an aging refinery, activists in Wisconsin show how local organizing can deal a blow to the oil industry and empower frontline communities

Ramzy Baroud: Will the United Nations Finally Deliver Justice for Palestine?

Please Help ZNet           Source: Ramzybaroud.org In his anticipated speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is expected to, once more, make a passionate plea for the recognition of Palestine as a full member. Abbas’ ‘landmark speech’ would not be the first time that Read more…

Robert Reich: The Truth Behind “Self-Made” Billionaires

In reality, the origins of many billionaires aren’t so humble. They’re more “riches-to-even-more-riches” stories, rooted in upper-middle class upbringings

Garnet Henderson: Medication Abortion Is Not Enough to Solve the Abortion Access Crisis

Though medication abortion is safe and effective beyond the first trimester, it is only FDA-approved for use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy

Karen J. Greenberg: Donald Trump’s Document Grab

Enhanced Secrecy Techniques Are the Order of the Day (and the Century, Too)

Kate Pickett: Here we go again…

The past two years have proven anew that when the rich get richer it doesn’t ‘trickle down’. If it’s such a familiar pattern, why do we tolerate it?

Julie Hollar: Crime Claims of CNN’s New Police Expert Don’t Hold Up to Facts

In its latest move to the right, CNN recently hired former NYPD flack John Miller as its “chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst.”

Evaggelos Vallianatos: Extreme Heat

The extreme heat of climate will compete with the extreme tyrannical politics of the Republicans

Areeba Shah: Far-right “constitutional sheriffs” now turn to hunting “fraud” in midterm elections

Right-wing sheriff guru: “We will not let happen what happened in 2020.” To voting rights groups, it’s a threat

Mwalim Peters: Reverse Freedom Rides

Flying Migrants North, Florida Gov. Steals Page from Segregationists 60 Years Ago

Jessica Corbett: Noting High Stakes of Midterms, Jayapal Says, ‘Trump Is a Fascist. Period.’

“We have to reject this dangerous movement across the country in November—our democracy depends on it”

Hamilton Nolan: Independent Unions Are Great—And Proof of Labor’s Broken Institutions

The inspiring wave of independent labor organizing also represents the failure of existing unions

Robert Reich: What to do about candidates who won’t commit to election results?

Disqualify them from running

Michael Mann: Stronger & Wetter

How Climate Change Makes Storms Worse & Why We Must Cut Emissions

Heron Greenesmith: Right-Wing Disinformation Campaigns Are Imperiling Access to Trans Health Care

We have a crisis here in the United States that is endangering trans children’s lives

Thom Hartmann: Let’s Just All Acknowledge That Cruelty & Death Is the GOP Brand

Republicans simply don’t believe that protecting the people of America is a legitimate function of government & they’re strengthened in that belief by far-right billionaires’ money showered on them

Shefali Luthra: The end of Roe could be changing people’s minds about abortion bans

Backlash to a 15-week ban and shifting public opinion data suggests people may be less tolerant of laws prohibiting second-trimester abortions

Sam Pizzigati: The First Billionaire To Become UK’s King

We expected Charles to get the crown. We didn’t expect him to make a billion-dollar fortune first

Stan Cox: “We’ll Meet Them Out in the Fields”

Challenging the Pipelines to Nowhere

Juan Cole: Scientists Conclude Climate Change Contributed to 1/3 of Pakistan being Under Water

This flood is like the one that Noah boarded his ark to escape. It is massive, with millions of people vulnerable to cholera and other diseases carried by dirty water

Julia Conley: Warnings Mount Over Right-Wing Plot to Rewrite US Constitution

Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats must emphasize to voters that Republicans still control most state legislatures, and if they remain in power, they can drastically change the Constitution.”

Chris Hedges: Strike, Strike, Strike

The mounting social inequality is fueling protests around the globeThe mounting social inequality is fueling protests around the globe. The global ruling class is determined to prevent these protests from employing the weapon that can bring them down — strikes.

Mary Wareham: It’s Time for the U.S. to Ban Cluster Munitions

With the horror of these weapons is on full display in the Russia-Ukraine war, the U.S. needs to sign the global ban

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