Comparing Capitalism and Parecon

Comparing Capitalism & ParEcon Regarding Wealth

What determines the distribution of wealth in an economy? This page compares capitalism and parecon vis a vis who has how much wealth.

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“Pool Parlor”
by Jacob Lawrence


by Romare Bearden

Introducing Capitalist
Regarding Wealth

In a capitalist economy, material wealth is a function of accumulated earnings via profit or wages and inheritance from forebears. Wealth is perhaps the personal attribute that varies most widely across the population — from miserably low to astronomically high.

Introducing ParEcon
Regarding Wealth

In a parecon, material wealth is barely a concept because variations are so minor. What you consume, which includes durables, varies in accord with income which varies very little, and is in any event just. If you save but don’t consume, you accumulate some buying power to utilize later. There is no inheritance of wealth. It is reasonable to predict that differences in wealth across a parecon’s population will be barely discernable.

Evaluating Capitalist Regarding Wealth

If you believe some people are born to be masters of the universe and others to be ridden by masters — you like capitalist dynamics of wealth.

Evaluating ParEcon Regarding Wealth

If you think all humans are entitled to comparable conditions of life, you like parecon dynamics of wealth.

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