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Z Magazine survives because of its readers and supporters.
There are no regular big money benefactors or foundations, no corporate advertisers or underwriters backing us. Just you.
Due to a variety of factors, our print subscriptions and magazine distribution is suffering a slow but steady decline. To keep the print magazine viable, and to further our reach to the many, many people who have still not been exposed to our radical activist content, we can use your help.
How To Help Us
To help with subscriptions, you could:
  • subscribe to the print magazine yourself, or renew a lapsed subscription
  • buy gift subscriptions for friends or family
  • subscribe for your local library, non-profit activist group, or favorite cafe / hangout
To help with newsstand distribution, you could:
  • buy copies at the newsstands and bookstores where Z Magazine is carried
  • encourage friends and family to buy a copy from these newsstands and bookstores
  • ask newsstands and bookstores that don’t carry Z Magazine to do so, taking them one of our order forms and a sample copy
To help with our exposure, you could promote Z by:
  • placing our promotional materials on a display table at an appropriate event — a peace or environmental rally, a progressive speaker or film showing, an independent media fair
  • staffing such a table yourself, on behalf of Z, where you could more actively encourage people to sign up and perhaps also display and distribute our DVDs
  • organizing a current events, book, or film discussion group and including Z in your talks
Here are some materials to get you started. We’ll add some additional materials here in August, so check back then.
Newsstand Order Form (black and white) / Newsstand Order Form (color) – This is a two-page order form (PDF file) which you can download and print. The black and white version is intended for printing or copying without color; if you have a color printer, use the color version. It is intended to be on a single sheet (front and back), but can instead be on two pages; alternatively, only the first page can be used (the back page contains some quotes about us).
The Newsstand Order Form is intended for a bookstore or newsstand that carries magazines (something beyond the small rack at the supermarket). It has our ISSN number and the contact info of our distribution manager, and other info about the magazine. When you take this to the newsstand or bookstore, you should try to ask for the person in charge of the magazine ordering and give this to them directly, preferable along with a copy of the magazine itself. A few other people coming in to request the magazine now and then would also help.
Special Offer Flyer (color) – This is a one sheet (front and back) flyer that is folded in half. We send these out to people having special events, usually along with additional promotional material.
The “special offer” is for a one-year subscription for $24. It is intended for new subscriptions only (an “introductory offer”) and for U.S. addresses only. There are also options to renew or buy a foreign subscription at the normal price. The flyer also contains information about Z, including blurbs and quotes.
To subscribe directly, do so through the Z Store or through this printable subscription PDF order form that you can mail or fax us.
If you want additional promotional materials for an event you, or have other ideas or suggestions for helping us, you can contact us via email or phone (though we’ll be out of the office for much of July) or through the mail.
Our contact info is:
Z Magazine
18 Millfield Street
Woods Hole MA 02543
508-548-9063 / 508-457-0626 (fax)
Thank you for your support,
The staff of Z
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