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Recent ZNet

David Rovics: Confessions of an Ecumenical Leftist

When movements are eating each other alive, the fascists win.  Let’s avoid that fate

Thom Hartmann: Hawley’s “Love America Act” Is All About Hate

White supremacy, racism & the rest of America subsidizing Red states weren’t just realities in 1787: they’re alive and well today & Hawley and his white supremacist buddies want to keep it that way

John Bartlett, Natalie Alcoba, Joe Parkin Daniels, Leyland Cecco: Indigenous Americans Demand a Reckoning with Brutal Colonial History

From Canada to Colombia, protests erupt against legacies of violence, exploitation and cultural erasure

Magdi Semrau: Why people resist vaccines — and how to change their minds

When it comes to public health and infectious disease, even small cracks can produce system-wide damage

Natalie Shure: Fixing Hospitals’ Price Gouging

Rather than force hospitals to be up front with patients about their costs, we should strip them of the power to set them

Robert Penner: Milwaukee janitors fight for $15

Dozens of janitors employed by 13 downtown Milwaukee buildings rallied outside the Service Employees International Union Local 1 offices July 21 to call for a $15-an-hour minimum wage

Michael Kazin: What is Living and What is Dead in the New Deal

A Review of Why the New Deal Matters, by Eric Rauchway

F. Douglas Stephenson: Why we need to stop Warehousing the Mentally Ill in Jail

Only Private Prison Corporations Profit

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: In the Race Against Nina Turner, GOP Donors Fund Shontel Brown

“How can we have someone who is the party chair and says that she’s a Democrat’s Democrat but is accepting Republican money?”

Ramzy Baroud: The Little Talked About Covid-19 ‘Variants’

Vaccine Mismanagement Will Have Dire Repercussions

Sonali Kolhatkar: After Devastating DACA Ruling, Dreamers Vow to Push for Legalization

“We’re done waiting,” she said. “We’re done having to take a back seat. We’re done playing nice.”

Tom Engelhardt: The Forbidden Word

Is This Country Heading for the Exit?

Jessica González: Misinformation’s Deadly Profit Motive

Big Tech companies continually put profits and growth over the safety of their users. We cannot wait for more people to die before we take action

Jaclynn Ashly: The Canadian Mining Company Dominicans Call “Worse Than Columbus”

“We had no concept of what the devil was until Barrick Gold came to our lands”

Manolo De Los Santos: Let Cuba Live

The Movement Standing Up to Biden’s Maximum Pressure Campaign

Steve Turner: What’s at stake for the left in Unite’s General Secretary election?

This is not just about driving the organising programme, it is also about building a union that can defend jobs and deliver better pay and conditions

Michael Reagan: The Sounds of Struggle

Once again it is Black women artists and movement leaders who are pushing forward, taking us in new directions

Anna Kramer: Half of the tech workforce wants to join a union

In a survey of tech industry workers, about 50% of respondents said they are very or somewhat interested in joining a union in their workplace, and more than 60% of millennials said they were interested.

Oly Millán: Venezuela’s Special Economic Zones

A former minister of Hugo Chávez talks about the government’s new economic strategy

Ailynn Torres Santana: J-11 in Cuba

After recent protests, Cuba needs political solutions that resist all forms of co-optation

Scott Denning: Extreme heat waves in a warming world don’t just break records – they shatter them

How communities develop infrastructure, social and economic systems, planning and preparedness can make them more resilient – or more vulnerable – to extreme events

Chauncey DeVega: Donald Trump rallies the troops in Phoenix

Unfortunately, that’s not a metaphor

Phil Wilmot: Can East African workers overcome cooptation and suppression?

Are radical worker struggles, which waned as a result of protracted government efforts to infiltrate and co-opt organized labor, making a comeback in East Africa?

Norman Solomon: Joe Biden’s Relapse into Hallucinations About GOP Leaders

The notion of cooperating with Republican leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy was always a fool’s errand

Sharon Zhang: Biden Echoes Progressives, Saying Low Wages Are Driving Worker Shortage

Biden pointed out that workers have shouldered disproportionate blame for businesses not being able to find workers

Dartagnan: The NYT profiles ‘most influential’ purveyor of online COVID vaccine misinformation

The anti-vaccine movement has taken full advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to sow doubt and regurgitate false or misleading information

Julia Conley: 150 Voting Rights Groups Warn Biden Against Attempting to ‘Out-Organize Voter Suppression’

“Every American deserves and should be able to rely on a baseline level of voting access… Only passage of both the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act can make this aspiration a reality.”

Ramsay Liem: July 27th isn’t just another day

Though little known, the Korean Armistice Agreement and the war it holds in abeyance are a “still-present-past.” Their grip on contemporary U.S. Korea policy remains virtually uncontested

Dave Zirin: The Human Costs of the Pandemic Olympics

The Tokyo Games should be a warning to potential Olympic hosts everywhere. The 2020 Olympics are unfolding like the nightmare scenario so many medical officials predicted

Jenny Deam: Many Elder-Care Workers Still Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Amid a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” more than 40% of the nation’s nursing home and long-term health care workers have yet to receive vaccinations

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis: Poor People’s Campaign Protest over Voting Rights & Infrastructure

Nearly 100 women from around the US were arrested outside the Supreme Court as they marked the 173rd anniversary of the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls with a protest calling for voting rights and economic justice

Robert Reich: Worker Power

The working people of America, outnumber the corporate executives and big investors by a wide margin. Together, you can change the rules, and build a world where workers have real power

Juan Cole: Tunisia’s President just made the kind of Coup Trump and US Republicans plotted (and are plotting) Against President Biden

Americans should realize how close Washington, D.C. came to looking like today’s Tunis

Taroa Zúñiga Silva: Sex Workers and COVID-19

Resisting the Pandemic and Criminalization

Ryan Devereaux: Daniel Hale Makes His Case Against U.S. Assassination Program

With prosecutors seeking a maximum sentence, Hale delivered a powerful handwritten letter describing his motivations to the court

Abahlali baseMjondolo: An urgent call to build solidarity in action

We are committed to work with all progressive forces and all people of good faith to build solidarity in this crisis via unity in action

Tram Nguyen: How Virginia Won the South’s Strongest Voting Rights Act

Interview on organizing for expansive voting rights legislation, the importance of grassroots organizing at the state level, and the urgent need for federal action on voting rights

Erik Molvar: Why Regenerative Farming Works and Regenerative Ranching Fails

The reality is that the only way to improve land health, soil regeneration, and even livestock weight gain is to significantly reduce the overall intensity of livestock grazing on the land

Hamilton Nolan: As Devastating Plant Shutdown Looms in West Virginia, National Outrage Is Hard to Find

A union set to be wiped out by layoffs says politicians are missing in action

George Monbiot: Britain’s rivers are suffocating to death

Water that should be crystal clear has become a green-brown slop of microscopic algae because of industrial farm waste

Kayleigh Skinner: ‘May his light continue to guide us’: Civil rights leader Bob Moses dies at 86

“So may his light continue to guide us as we face another wave of Jim Crow laws. His example is more important now than ever…Rest in power Bob.”

Jessica Corbett: US Lawmakers Demand $34 Billion for Global Vaccine Equity Funding

“No investment in the fight against Covid-19 is more urgent and cost-effective now than an investment in getting the world vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

Kate Aronoff: The Left Is the Only Reason We’re Talking About Climate Change at All

It’s become fashionable to suggest climate activists are too hard on Joe Biden. Being hard on Joe Biden is what got climate spending into the infrastructure package

Sarah Lazare: Big Pharma Is Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Global South

The chilling effect of the pharmaceutical industry’s veiled threats

Winona La Duke: Militarized Crackdown on Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Protests

Nearly 600 water protectors have been arrested during ongoing protests in Minnesota against the construction of the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline at the Shell River

Medea Benjamin: Cubans Are Suffering. Biden Needs to End the Embargo

Biden should reverse Trump’s sanctions and call an end to 60 years of brutal economic warfare

Badri Raina: Between Drone and Pegasus, the Latter’s Flight May Be the More Fatal to India

It is strange that the Modi government, which denies targeting the individuals named, does not feel impelled to find out who it is that may be attacking democratic opinion critical of the establishment

Peter Arno: Medicare for All Rallies in 50 Cities Show Big Support for Universal Health Care

Why is the U.S. an outlier with regard to health care? What keeps the country from adopting a universal health care system, which most Americans have supported for many years now?

Thom Hartmann: Healthcare Parasites are Sucking Americans Dry

The only way to deal with parasites is to remove them from their host. It’s time to expand Medicare to all Americans so we can dislodge these healthcare parasites from our body politic

Sam Mellins: Up and Down The Ballot, Progressives Score Wins in Western New York

In Buffalo, socialist India Walton scored a landmark win against a four-term incumbent mayor. In nearby Rochester, shakeups on the city council and county legislature could chart a new course for local politics

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