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Recent ZNet

Lawrence Wittner: Which would you prefer―nuclear war or climate catastrophe?

To: The people of the world From:  The Joint Public Relations Department of the Great Powers The world owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Boris Johnson, and other heroic rulers of our glorious nations.  Not only are they hard at work making their respective countries great again, but Read more…

Ashish Ghadiali: The Fight of Our Lives

Zero Carbon 2030 must become the rallying cry in GE2019

Walden Bello: Is China an Imperial Power in the Image of the West?

Unlike the West, modern China has seldom used brute force to access resources or expand markets — except, notably, in the South China Sea

Mattea Kramer: A 12-Step Program to Opioid Justice

Finding Peace Amid the New Opium Wars

Richard Greeman: French Yellow Vests Celebrate First Birthday

Converge With Planned Labor Strikes

Jeffery R. Webber: On the Coup in Bolivia

Interview on the issues at stake in Bolivia

Dave Lindorff: Student Protesters Walking a Tightrope in Hong Kong

If they are strong, steady, and work out how to modulate their protests and their demands as they maneuver their way along the tightrope of political activism, they may yet win and serve as an inspiring model to young people everywhere

Patrick Cockburn: Erdogan’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds is Still Happening

Such atrocities are ethnic cleansing in action and are what Trump greenlit when he opened the door to the Turkish invasion of Syria

James Risen, Tim Arango, Farnaz Fassihi, Murtaza Hussain, Ronen Bergman: A Spy Complex Revealed

Leaked Iranian Intelligence Reports Expose Tehran’s Vast Web of Influence in Iraq

Eli Day: The Strike at McDonald’s Is About Workplace Democracy

Because workers have no real power in the workplace, this puts them in the impossible position of either being frightened into silence or, if they decide to stick up for themselves, risk being fired and plunged into economic uncertainty

Norman Solomon: Joe Biden’s AstroTurf Campaign

Biden is a back-to-the-future product who often seems clueless about the present

Jonathan Steele: The OPCW and Douma

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Engaged in Witness Tampering During Ambassador’s Testimony

As former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified in the House impeachment inquiry to evidence of abuse of power by Donald Trump, he tweeted insulting allegations against her in real time

Laura Flanders: #SayHerName, Impeachment, and a Hawk

What would it take to cultivate caring instead of hate?

Jeremy Scahill: The Changing of the Overlords

From the Rubble of the U.S. War in Iraq, Iran Built a New Order

John Feffer: Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Produce the Trump Presidency?

Austere “shock therapy” after the Cold War only shocked the East into reaction. In the West, the corporate political center ultimately did the same

William D. Hartung: America’s Arms Sales Addiction

The 50-Year History of U.S. Dominance of the Middle Eastern Arms Trade

Olivia Arigho-Stiles: Protestors Massacred in Post-Coup Bolivia

Eight are dead and hundreds injured in a week of bloodshed after Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales was forced to resign from power last Sunday

Gin Armstrong: Arkansas Teachers Went On Strike

Arkansas teachers and students face a well-funded school privatization effort backed by major corporate entities with influence that stretches from the Governor’s office to the state Board of Education to the University of Arkansas

Robert Fisk: Michael Lynk’s UN Report on Israeli Settlements Speaks the Truth

But the World Refuses to Listen

Medea Benjamin: Protesting U.S. Foreign Interventions

CodePink founder and longtime peace activist Medea Benjamin was threatened with arrest in Washington, D.C., Wednesday

Naomi Klein: “I Don’t Think Baby Boomers Did This. I Think Capitalism Did.”

Inerview on the presidential race, youth movements and the Right’s response to climate change

Various Contributors: NACLA Statement on the Coup in Bolivia

In Solidarity with Bolivians Resisting Military Intervention and Right-Wing Violence

Steve Ellner: Centrists Always Stand By While The Right Abuses Of Those On The Left

They only react when the right turns on them

Ramzy Baroud: How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Get Away with Murder in Gaza

It is obvious that the West’s “newspapers of record” have maintained their blindspot on fairly reporting on Gaza and intentionally kept the truth from their readers

Olivia Schwob: The Long History of Debt Cancellation

Moral thinking about debt has fluctuated throughout U.S. history. Today’s calls for cancellation suggest it may be poised for transformation once again

Andrew Moss: Raising the stakes in the struggle over immigration detention

For many activists the key issue will remain one of visibility:  making continually clear to the public what it means to criminalize and incarcerate asylum seekers 

Andrew Levine: Get Trump First, But Then…

Making the Democratic Party part of the solution, not part of the problem will be no easy feat

Ryan Grim: Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor polls close to zero nationally with African Americans, faring no better with that vote in South Carolina, a liability that he knows will thwart his nomination if he can’t turn it around

Badri Raina: Nowadays We do not Talk

Strong men do not converse hold, Even with the best of friends. Readiness is in locution To loss of power tends.   You never know what the other man May hold up his sleeve. A word spoken in excess May find no reprieve.   It is best to keep record Of every syllable spoken. A Read more…

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin: Big Oil Needs to Pay for the Damage It Caused

Climate change disproportionately affects poor people and people of color. They should be compensated for their suffering

Elise Swain: Bolivia’s Coup Another Setback for Latin American Socialism

“It just shows how in U.S. discourse, ‘democracy’ means putting a leader in place who serves U.S. interest, and ‘tyranny’ or ‘dictatorship’ means a leader — even if they’re democratically elected — who refuses to.”

Nick Dearden: The fall of the hero of the Bolivian transformation

Evo Morales’ achievements in Bolivia should be remembered forever – but the left must also learn from his mistakes

Sarah Anderson: Leading Effort to Tax Huge CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

The House-Senate companion bill addresses corporate America’s extreme disparities, giving firms an incentive to lift up the bottom and bring down the top of their pay scales

Reese Erlich: A New Arab Spring in Lebanon and Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Lebanese have been demonstrating in the streets against corruption and for democratic rights. The protestors come from all economic classes and religious/ethnic groups

Azadeh Shahshahani: Silence Will Not Protect Us

Immigrants Speak Boldly Despite Threats of Violence

George Monbiot: Performative Oppression

This is how it begins: with a theatrical attack on a vulnerable minority

Gershon Baskin: A personal note during the Gaza rockets

What does an Israeli peace activist do when the rockets are flying and the bombs are falling?

Nino Pagliccia: Morales: Bolivia Suffers an Assault on the Power of the People

What really makes the whole event in Bolivia tragic is that it is triggered by a foreign induced Hybrid War not for the benefit of Bolivians

Pablo Abufom: Chile: rewriting the constitution

Same Elites Who Caused Social Crisis Can’t Be Trusted to Write New Constitution

Badri Raina: Cactus

What makes a solitary cactus bloom In a desert of despair? What does it know that I don’t know Of hope when none is near?   How cussed his assertion is When all is wilderness. Is it a mantra the cactus sings To a world in keen distress?   That we must roll the boulder Read more…

Medea Benjamin: Why aren’t Americans rising up like the people of Chile and Lebanon?

With more and more Americans, especially young people, demanding an alternative to a system that doesn’t serve their needs, the tinder for a revolutionary movement is everywhere. We just have to keep kicking up sparks until one catches fire

Michael T. Klare: The Situation Room, October 2039

What the U.S. Military Will Be Doing in a Climate Crisis Future

Tamara Pearson: US and Corporations Key Factors Behind Most Violent Year Yet in Mexico

This year has been the most violent year on record for Mexico, with almost 26,000 intentional homicides between January and September

Phyllis Bennis: The Link Between US Militarism and the Climate Crisis

The link between militarism and the climate crisis is undeniable. The U.S. military is particularly problematic in its energy and fossil fuel consumption

Daniel Brown: International solidarity: fighting at home for the revolution abroad

Campaigns against apartheid in both South Africa and Israel provide important lessons for the Rojava international solidarity movement against Turkey’s invasion

Jessica Corbett: Most Damaging of All Trump-Era Policies

“Let’s call this what it is: an excuse to abandon clean air, clean water, and chemical safety rules.”

Edward Hunt: It’s Not Too Late for Rojava

The Kurds lost over 10,000 people in the war against the Islamic State and still manged to create one of the most promising democratic experiments in the Middle East. They deserve U.S. support

Pete Dolack: Resisting misleading narratives about Pacifica Radio

The counter-narratives about the recent takeover, and restoration, of New York City’s Pacifica radio station, WBAI, have apparently begun

Leonidas Oikonomakis: Evo Morales: from the Rainy Place to the Burnt Palace — and back again

This is a coup, without a doubt. Now the first priority, irrespective of one’s views of Morales, is to not let Bolivia’s racist white neoliberal elites overturn the positive achievements of the country’s social movements

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