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Recent Video

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets

The Australien Government has made an ad about its carbon-credits scheme, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

Robert Taylor: Fighting to Live in Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’

Oil Giants Poison Air & Water

Noam Chomsky: Noam Chomsky’s Speech to the 2022 World Social Forum

Please Help ZNet           Source: Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security Recorded by the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security on April 29, 2022.

Daniel Ellsberg: Who really benefits from war?

War is “very profitable for the people who are supplying those weapons to keep it going

Thom Hartmann: Climate Change: Can We Stop Deadly New Phase?

Has the world left tackling climate change too late and have we hit the climate change tipping point?

BreakThrough News: MIT Grad Students Vote Overwhelmingly For A Union

MIT is a world renowned research institution. Yet, the 3,800 grad students who make it so are barely scraping by. Now they’ve unionized

Various Contributors: Stop the War in Ukraine Online Rally

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, we, the peace-loving people of the world, must raise our voices to demand a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement

Tom Lehrer: So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)

Please Help ZNet           Source: The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel “So Long, Mom (A Song for WW III)” speaks for itself, but it is nice that you can be on TV just because you are a soldier. This is a NEW 16:9-version as an experiment. Here, people can enjoy Lehrer’s spoken Read more…

Basav Sen: Get behind a transition to renewable energy

The EU is sneakily introducing a taxonomy labelling nuclear and gas energy as ‘sustainable’. Let’s be clear: they can neither serve the green transition, nor be intermediary solutions to our crisis.

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad: The Floods

The Australien Government has made an ad about this summer’s floods and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

Aljazeera: Chile swears in new President Gabriel Boric in ‘historic shift’

Gabriel Boric is a former student leader who has promised a more inclusive society in one of the region’s most socially unequal countries

Tariq Ali: How Putin’s Invasion Galvanized a Russian Peace Movement

Interview on Volodymyr Zelensky’s historic address to the British House of Commons, Russia’s invasion and NATO expansion into Eastern Europe

Joseph Gerson: ‘The whole world order is being restructured right now’

Interview on the path that led to the war in Ukraine and what the war will mean for the international security order in Europe and beyond

Michael Albert: A Vision for 21st Century Leftism

On Tuesday the 8th of February Michael Albert delivered a lecture, followed by Q&A, entitled ‘A Vision for 21st Century Leftism’

Jane McAlevey: Mobilizing is Not Organizing – Pt 5

Advocacy and mobilizing are directed at people who support your cause. Organizing is a strategic plan to win over workers who don’t agree.

Noam Chomsky: Republican Party has drifted off the spectrum

GOP is more akin to ‘a radical insurgency’ with ‘no interest in democracy’ than a political party

Michael Albert: Is it possible to run a company or a corporation without a boss?

Interview on the question of whether a business or society can function without bosses

James Cameron: The dangers of deepfakes

So-called deepfakes use machine learning to modify video footage, usually replacing one person’s face with another, with realistic results

Playing For Change: Stand By Me: PFC Band feat. Clarence Bekker | Playing For Change

Please Help ZNet         Source: Playing for Change “Stand By Me” featuring the PFC Band and Clarence Bekker performing live outside, is a powerful rendition of our Song Around The World that started the Playing For Change movement. We continue to celebrate this timeless classic and hope that you stand in unity Read more…

Patricio Zamorano: Burying Neoliberalism in Chile

Interview on what we can expect from a Boric presidency

The B1M: Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty

Manhattan’s skyscrapers aren’t really built for people anymore

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | Hung Parliament

The Australien Government has made an ad about Hung Parliaments ahead of the coming election, and its surprisingly honest and informative

Various Contributors: European Forum 2021 Brussels

A look at the European Forum 2021 Brussels

Noam Chomsky: Infuriating Conclusion

Interview on COP26 climate summit in Glasgow

Michael Albert: What Kind of Economy Comes After a Socialist Revolution?

Interview on the framework for the economy that comes after a communist or socialist revolution

Michael Albert: A World Without Bosses

A Majority Report interview on participatory economics

Michael Albert: Placone Interviews Michael Albert

Placone interviews Albert on No Bosses

Jane McAlevey: Get Organized to Win

Jane McAlevey has trained thousands of activists in building more militant unions and winning electoral organizing; she sees the fight for effective unions as critical to winning transformative climate policy

Greta Thunberg: We need to talk about Honesty

Interview on why there is hope in being brutally honest about the climate crisis

Angela Lang: Democrats are courting disaster (again) by betraying their base

Democrats risk turning off voters and losing their 2020 electoral gains if they don’t deliver meaningful change for working people

The Juice Media: NET F***ED BY 2050

Juice Media takes COP 26 and the Net Zero scam apart in another biting satire

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit

The Australien Government has made an ad for the COP26 UN Climate Summit, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

Noam Chomsky: Challenges and Choices

Please Help ZNet         Source: IIEA According to Professor Chomsky, we live in a unique historical moment, confronted by an array of severe challenges, some so severe that “failure to address them soon will effectively terminate organised human society, with mass destruction of other species as well”. The two most prominent are Read more…

Michael Albert: This Is Revolution Interviews Albert

Perhaps one of the greatest paradoxes of the modern era is that, while capitalism is in perpetual crisis, there seems to be no alternative

Michael Albert: D. Rovics Interviews M. Albert

Interview with the author of No Bosses

Michael Albert: Can We Live with No Bosses?

Interview on participatory economics

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture and Storage

The Australien Government has made an ad about Carbon Capture and Storage, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

Noam Chomsky: Control of Information

Interview on a many topics, including the development of his personal political views to the control of information and media

Henry A. Giroux: Fascism Is Not an Exaggeration

Interview on authoritarianism, neo-liberal fascism, and the lack of critical thinking pervading society and culture

Kim Scipes: US Labor Imperialism

Interview on the role of US labor internationally including the National Endowment For Democracy NED and the AFL-CIO “Solidariity Center”

Noam Chomsky: Discussing Socialism

Discussion on the organization of a new economy

Stephen R. Shalom: A political system for a good society

Talk from the online conference “The crisis of nation-states – anarchist answers”

Michael Albert: Parecon fosters empathy instead of a rat race

Interview from the online conference “The crisis of nation-states – anarchist answers”

Savvina Chowdhury: Reproductive labor in a participatory economy

Talk at the conference Crisis of the Nation-State – anarchist answers, which was held at the Freiburg University of Education in March 2021

Stephen R. Shalom: Democracy and Nested Councils

Interview from the online conference, “The crisis of nation-states – anarchist answers?”

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | Hotel Quarantine & Vaccines

The Australien Government has made an ad about its hotel quarantine and vaccines policies, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

Michael Albert: Can We Escape from Capitalism Without Marxism?

Interview on the conception and then organization of a new economy

Chase Iron Eyes: Free Leonard Peltier: Chase Addresses D.C. Crowd

On behalf of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Chase Iron Eyes speaks on the Black Voters Matter stage in Washington, D.C.

Various Contributors: We Are Many

We Are Many is the never-before-told story of the largest demonstration in human history, and how the movement created by a small band of activists changed the world

Noam Chomsky: Understanding Modern America

Interview on how the media landscape has changed in the age of social media, inspiring activist movements, the Republican’s sharp movement toward an insane style of politics, and the dangers of the new Cold War with China

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