More Deceptions


Tax Cuts and Job Creation: A Direct Link

Tax cuts are a key reason why Ontario’s economy is outperforming its neighbours and other industrialized countries.

Is Ontario outperforming it's neighbors and other industrialized countries? Just assertion, offered without evidence or argument (unless that list above was supposed to be evidence).

By giving hard-working taxpayers more money to spend, save or invest as they choose, tax cuts strengthen the economy and fuel job creation.

Narrative, with lots of good words like 'strengthen the economy' and 'fuel job creation'. Note especially the charming 'hard-working taxpayers'. Still no argument.

An independent study by the Cato Institute found a correlation between lower taxes and strong job creation:

An independent study, huh? Anyone know who the Cato institute is?

And it found a 'correlation between lower taxes and strong job creation'. Well, we know all about correlations don't we?

"[The study] found, not surprisingly, that cutting taxes created jobs, helped to build a stronger economy, and improved the overall fiscal outlook: Tax-cutting states dramatically outperformed the economic growth rate of tax-hiking states by 22 per cent, balanced their budgets faster, and recorded larger budget reserves. And that’s not all. Job growth in low-tax jurisdictions increased by 10.8 per cent… Heavy tax states recorded zero employment growth."

National Post, May 15, 1999

I trust you're ready to take this one on yourselves?

Other private sector economists have also drawn the link between Ontario's aggressive tax cut policies and its outstanding economic performance.

"Ontario's economic prospects have rarely looked as good as they do today. The Ontario economy is outperforming the rest of the country by almost any yardstick. The next leg of the government's tax relief program … will spur confidence and spending further into 2000 and likely beyond."

Nesbitt Burns, Provincial Handbook, September, 1999




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