Keep in mind that these are my own translations, and you might translate them differently, and just as well. Let's look at the stripped version a bit more closely then. Read it, and ask yourself how much is argument.


There will be a demonstration in Seattle during the meeting of the WTO this month.

The delegates of the WTO are not used to having demonstrations accompany their meetings.

The MAI was derailed by France's withdrawal, which was forced by activism. The derailment of the MAI has encouraged activists.

Activists have been planning demonstrations since September. Opposition comes from diverse quarters, some better known than others, including Ralph Nader, who is very visible in organization particularly at colleges and universities.

The MAI gives foreigners legal status equal to domestic investors. Countries choosing to sign such a treaty agree to admit foreign investment. Direct investment creates jobs. Rich countries have more capital to invest than the poor countries. So the rich countries will send their capital to the poor countries. This capital will create wealth and make the poor nations wealthier.

The activists who are protesting the WTO press for controls on pollution emissions. Reducing pollution emissions would close factories in the Third World and harm the poor. The activists who are protesting the WTO are against biotechnology. Biotechnology is good for poor farmers. Therefore the activists who are protesting the WTO are harming the poor.

The activists protest the WTO because they have never been poor. They cannot understand the poor. They hate the rich corporations that deliver wealth to the poor.

Privatization is unstoppable. Increasing numbers of people are beginning to recognize privatization is unstoppable.

Poverty is caused by third world elites.

Third World elites retain power by keeping out multinational corporations. The MAI and liberalization of trade favors multinational corporations. It therefore hurts third world elites' ability to retain power.

The activist groups seek to reduce the power of multinational corporations. They have forced corporations to justify themselves. But corporations remain in power.

Clinton demanded that labor and environmental policies be in the trade agreements. He is trying to keep the MAI from being discussed. He is therefore a weak leader and the activism is partly his fault.

The activists will not be stopped from demonstrating even if their demands are met because they are doing it for fun.


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