Slides: The Dairy Crisis and the Farm Bill

The US (and beyond) dairy crisis is an enormous tragedy that has so-far been almost wholly ignored by Congress, USDA, the President, and (mostly) by the Department of Justice, which is responsible for antitrust enforcement.  We’re right in the middle of a farm bill debate, and, with a few huge exceptions, Congress is doing nothing that is at all adequate. 

I’ve posted 20 “slides” in a zspace photo album, all about the dairy crisis and dairy policy.  They are almost all data charts showing what’s been happening in the real world.  Looking at them quickly illustrates and dramatizes the issue for newcomers or veterans.  The data does that. Unlike this introduction, they might just dramatically change your whole idea of what the farm bill has become, and how, and why.

You can go right to the “Dairy Crisis Slides,” here:

(http://www.slideshare.net/bradwilson581525/presentations, be here soon)

You can see an updated version in a YouTube video, The Dairy Crisis and the Farm Bill, here:

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