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Highlighted Content for Activists

Nakabuye: “It’s Our Future”
Russell: German town renewable
King: Green New Deal for Workers
Bewernitz: Syndicalism for the Twenty-First Century
Peggs: End of neoliberalism?
Dolan: Poor Are Fighting Back
Sonnenblume: “Not Me, Us” 
Tokar: Climate Talks in Madrid
Rasmus: Trump vs. Democracy
Bello: Battle of Seattle 
Snowden: Private Truths
Greeman: French General Strike
Ricks: Movements Fight Inequality
Hoglen: Voices Of Rural Women
Bikales: Harvard Student Strike
Jarl: My Generation Say “Enough”
Baker: Redistributing Upward
Cole: Climate Activism?
Benjamin: NATO Obsolete
Ali: A World in Revolt 
Navarro: What in Spain?
Pilger: Visiting Assange
Gowan: Transatlantic socialism rising
Gullapalli: Restorative Justice
Soul: Argentina Strike and Picket
Monbiot: Platform for the Planet
Phipps: A credible manifesto
Schwarz: Twitter Nazis 
Bettington: XR problems
Goodman: “Be the Media”
DeManuelle-Hall: Fight at Amazon
Davies: Iraqis Rise Up 
Wagley: Museum Workers 
Read: Targeted disruption
Rebellion: “Hunger for Change”
Read: Sanders’ Green New Deal
Goessmann: Letter to Hallam
Ehrenreich: Global Rebellion
Roy: Shadow Taking India Over
Levy: The Contract on Corbyn
McGath: Berlin renters organize
Zirin: Students Storm Field 
Cohn: US Complicit in Coup
Surin: Labor’s UK Election Manifesto
Younge: Labour’s manifesto 
Shiva: 20 Years After Seattle
Cook: Chief Rabbi stokes antisemitism
Gutiérrez: Colombia on strike
Zeese: Taking Control Of Police
Menconi: No ‘Green New Deal’ Bill 
Falk: Shame on the World
Early: UAW Chief Forced Out
Glick: Roadshowing 
Dehlendorf: New Organization
Solomon: Push Back
Pilger: Lies About Assange Must Stop
Mansouri: Meet Islamophobes
Moscrop: Evidence-based decisions?
Bookchin: Eyewitnesses to Rojava
Falk: Gaza/Israel Violence
Schuhrke: 15,000 Indiana Teachers
Williams: Metrobus Driver Strike
Roy: Darkness That Threatens India
Benjamin: “They’re Killing Us”
Madeloni: Little Rock Strike Prep
Ali: “In Defense of Julian Assange”
Weisbrot: Bolivian Election
Chomsky: Democratic Party Centrism
Prashad: House Was Empty?
Lord: Health Care and ‘Head Taxes’
Day: “Leisure Agenda”
Carlsen: Violent Right-Wing Coup
Koshgarian: Medicare or War?
Targ: Public Education in Indiana
Benjamin: Popular Resistance 
Gustafsson: Lebanon’s uprising
Sugarman: Sanders on Bolivia
Bello: Is China an Imperial Power
Greeman: Yellow Vests Birthday
Lindorff: Hong Kong
Day: Strike at McDonald’s
Webber: On the Coup in Bolivia
Flanders: #SayHerName
Scahill: Changing Overlords
Hartung: Arms Sales Addiction
Armstrong: Arkansas Teachers 
Klein: Capitalism Did This
NACLA : the Coup in Bolivia
Levine: Get Trump First, But Then…
O’Laughlin: Big Oil
Swain: Bolivia’s Coup 
Dearden: Bolivian lessons
Abufom: Chile: The constitution
Benjamin: Americans rising up?
Bennis: US Militarism and Climate
Brown: Rojava organizing
Oikonomakis: Evo Morales
Boudin: Reforming Justice System
Prashad: Bolivia Does Not Exist
Bond: Lessons from Workers Party
Ellner: Talking About Fake News 
Emersberger: Oppose the Coup

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