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"Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble."                           - Rep. John Lewis

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Recent Audio/Videos
Selected for Activists

Rasmus: Legal Coup D’Etat
Davis-Cohen: Building Community
Peggs: After the virus
Zinn: His Own Words
Sanders: Ginsburg’s replacement
Chomsky: Fate of humanity 
Brecher: Workers vs. Coronavirus
Elbaum: Biden Debate
Monbiot: Extinction Rebellion 
Adler: Internationalism 
Cook: N.C. Nurses Win Union
Hyman: Indigenous Resistance in NM
Stamenova: Underground strike
Falk: What Peace Looks Like?
Chomsky: There’s Reason for Hope
Solomon: Trump’s Neo-Fascism
Chomsky: Chomsky...Defend Assange
Albert: Between Labor and Capital
Libardi: Heroes who don’t give up
Guinan: In, against, outside, the party
Grossman: Which Way, Germany?
Jay: Who Will Win?
Olivier: Campus-Wide Union
Barber II: Criminality Personified
Gleick: Explosive fires
Benjamin: Eye in the Sky
Chomsky: Confluence of Crises
McBreatrty: Fighting Evictions
Giroux: Ignorance plus bigotry
O'Sullivan: Build small, think big
Davis: California’s Apocalypse
Kramer: Medicating Isolation
Kolhatkar: Police 
Smith: U.S. White Supremacy
Sen: Climate Emergency
Lawson: Vaccine Public Ownership
Abramsky:  Coup d’État?
Greenwald: Propaganda Tool
Brecher: Left responsibility?
Stokes: This Is Climate Change
Benjamin: Good Neighbor Policy
Wypijewski: Collateral Murder
Klihauer: United States of Lies
Krehbiel: Rolling Up Our Sleeves
Cole: Aztec Politics
Higgins: Sunrise Movement
Gebre: State of the Unions
Sanders: Fight for the working class
Dayan: Pushback on Campus
Adelman: Achieve Real Power
Corey: Shorter Hours More Control
Turkle:  Chatbot I’ve loved to hate
Ginden: Class struggle 
Taibbi: Don’t Steal This Book
Burns: Nationwide Eviction Ban
Mann: Breakthrough in LA
Swanson: Kevin Zeese
Sanders: Democracy at stake
Pilger: Julian Assange
Queally: 50,000-Foot Smoke Plumes 
Phillips: Inequality can be beaten
Raptis: Tragically Comic Humanity
ER: We will not be intimidated
Brown: Grape Pickers
Dorfman: “Death Is on the Ballot”
Rovics: Eviction Abolition
Nolan: Unions and Politics
People's Campaign: Our Demands
Chomsky: Trump is Worse Than Hitler
Emanuele: Revolutionary Love
Brecher: Striking in Coronavirus 
Falk: U.S. Democracy Be Fixed?
Pearson: Closure of Border
Myerson: End of the Voter-Consumer
Klikauer: Inside Amazon
ER: Pop the kettle
Lisnoff: Homeless to Skyrocket
Cook: Assange’s abuse
DiMaggio: Modern protest 
Green: Fascism 2.0
Gawande: Dying from Despair
Galbraith: Rebuilding Economy
Falk: Global Governance 
Cohen: We’re Warning Again.
Purkayastha: Virality of Hate
Baroud: ‘Dying to Fish’
Sanders: Supporting Biden
Collective 20: Live Like Them
Bond: Wallerstein 
Salas: Community Control
Glass: Overturning Austerity 101
Klikauer Resistance @ Deliveroo
Kolhatkar: Trump's Loyal Base
Sapere Battle for Virtual Schools
Greenwald: Social Fabric Unravelling
Atkins: Issues at the Local Level 
Janzer: Heartland Tenants Win
Collins: Pandemic Wealth Tax 

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