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"Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble."                           - Rep. John Lewis

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Our Lydia, Your Lydia

From the many emails calls, and kindnesses received, clearly many feel this loss...

Albert: Lydia Sargent, Live Like Her
Selected Comments Sent to Z

New Online School

PARC and RevolutionZ are hosting a new online School for Social and Cultural Change. The first courses that you can take at your own pace and timing, are:

Selected Collective 20
Selected PARC Videos

PARC Media and RevolutionZ are developing an online School for Social and Cultural Change. We are happy to present a selection of PARCS's videos on ZNet.

Johnson: After Trump 
Chomsky: Working-Class Culture 
Albert: MIT and Elite Institutions 
Kelly: Antiwar Activism
Goldfield: W. Virginia & Coal 

Selected for Activists

Albert: Looking Inward: Can We Win? 
Flaccavento: Urban-Rural Divide
Brecher: The Biden Climate Plan
Freeman: Economy Isn’t Working
Prashad: We Are Grass
Gilroy-Ware: The marketization of truth
Crowley: “This Is a Revolution, Sir”
Mari: An Eviction Tsunami?
Pizzigati: The Rich Cheer 
Wilkins: Martyred Missionaries
Riad: How to fight back 
Rasmus: Government Spying
Solomon: Biden’s Cabinet
Hartung: Shrinking the Pentagon
Duara: California families 
Cook: The West’s war machine
Robinson: The Global Police State
Sanders: Biden’s first 100 days
Feffer: Zombies or Republicans?
C20: What Next?
Lakey: Activists today
Benjamin: Condemn the Murder 
Nader: Report the Wreckage
Wilkins: 1 in 6 Not Enough to Eat
Laslett: Childcare a Union Benefit
Collyns: Young Peruvians Rise Up
Hartford: The Big Spin
Wadhwa: Colombian National Strike
Stancil: ‘Make Amazon Pay’
Benjamin: Feminism Not Militarism
Greenwald: Shed Light on U.S. Wars
Parker: Richmond Prog. Alliance
Barrientos: Rage in Guatemala
Sanders: Win Back the Working Class 
Chomsky: American Democracy
Emanuele: Trump Supporters
Klein: Dismiss the Working Class?
Kolhatkar: My Family Reunited?
Kelly: Unending War Afghanistan

Pilger: Class War on Children
Patel: Causing Hunger
Sanders: Which Side Are You On?
Malik: Rational Trump voters
Hussain: Nonwhite Voters 
Ritter: ICBM intercept test
C20: From 2000 Feet
Bohmer: What Now
Kidane: The Power to Act
Swain: Drone Wars
Solomon: Hey Joe
Nolan: Best Leverage
Bello: Biden ln Asia Pacific?
Taylor: Cancel Student Debt
Streitfeld: Exceptionalism?
Hiltzik: Vaccines in Private Hands
Uzcátegui: With Radical Chávez
Young: Biden's Corporate Backers
Clark: Chile new constitution
Erlich: fights over COVID vaccine
AOC: Biden Be Bold
Wilkin's: “Proudly Pro-BDS”
Benjamin: Fiascos Biden Can Fix
Montague: White People's Votes
D'Amelio: AOC for the Left
timpson: New Cold War
Ransby: Social Transformation
Moss: Empowering Workers
McCollum: Coronavirus relief 
Santos: Fascism 2.0
Anderson: Student Debt
Ross: “No End in Sight”

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