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Highlighted Content for Activists

Cole: Offshore Wind
Moore: Socialist Surge
Albert: Twenty Percent Problem
Gordon: What Happens in El Norte
Minter: The Green New Deal
Rasmus: Global Financial Crisis
Clennon: I Said No to Netflix
Prashad: Kashmir
Solomon: Sanders and WaPo
Grossman: Warnings 
Fisk: India rattles Pakistan’s cage
Dall: Organizing Railroad Workers
Day: Socialists of Color
Howden: New Agriculture
Falk: War with Iran?
Koerner: Full-Fledged Embargo
Rosen: Postmodern Sexual Identity
Street: Revolution To Save Us
Davis: Toni Morrison 
Prado: Social and Communal Unity
Monbiot: Dirtiest Industries 
Mackey: Protest in Hong Kong
Lumumba: Mass ICE Raids 
Sanders: Medicare for All
Prashad: Bones Under the Street
Okun: Shooters’ Gender
Koehler: Dead canaries
Meyerson: What DSA Just Did
Monbiot: We can’t keep eating
Picciolini: Reformed White Nationalist 
Rebellion: Disobedience down under
Lipsyte: Dick Gregory Bust the Word
Odessky: Green Union Contract
Abbott: Students in Guatemala
Chomsky: Jobs, Environment, Planet
Hudson: Global Warming 
Feffer: GOP’s New Nationalism
United: National Nurses United
Fisk: Lies and buffoonery
Rasmus: Global Currency War 
Barber: Battle for minimum wage
Turse: Violence in Africa 
Rojas: RebuildingChavismo
MacDonald: Detroit Green New Deal 
Bradbury: Kentucky Miners 
Cole: Be Afraid, Very Afraid
Swanson: Poor Wittle CNN
Hall: We Believe in Ferries
Hallinan: Rivers of Dust
Hochschiled: 100-Year Flood
Rosenberg: Consulting Drugs
Engelfried: Activists in Northwest
Ertl: Bus Drivers Stand Up 
Feffer: Lifeboat Earth
Chen: New Internationalism
Natal: Brink of Political Revolution
Otero: Caribbean Colony Turmoil
Chomsky: Life Expectancy 
Cockburn: Brexit Britain
Cole: Europe, are you Crazy?
Ngwane: The Urban Crisis
Bozuwa: Green New Deal 
Emdon: Numsa strike 
Smith: Sanders and Warren
Gruenberg: Airline Workers 
ER: Take an ice-cold sip of Rebellion
Prashad: Islands of Garbage
Santos: Brazil?
Santamaria: Remembering Tomorrow
Chomsky: Constitution Must Change
Chavez: Climate Activists 
Prashad: U.S.-Iran Standoff
Falk: Revolutionary Proposal
Bello: Defeat for Duterte
Gonzales: Puerto Rico 
Kelly: Ongoing Dread in Gaza
Ongweso: Resistance Map
Farmworkers Bill of Rights
Hynes: We Here Because You There
Tormos-Aponte: Puerto Rico Rises
Chomsky: Trump and Iran
Chomsky: “The Task Ahead”
Engelhardt: Planet of the Surreal
Levine: Groundbreaking Health Study
Mark-Viverito: Puerto Rico Protest
Cruz-Díaz: Ruminations on Revolution
Juliet Barbara: #CloseTheCamps 
Chomsky: “Worship of Markets”
Prashad: Trump Murdered Iran Deal
Feffer: Send-Them-Back Doctrine
Benjamin: What’s Happening in Iran
Solis: Amazon Workers 
Solnit: In Patriarchy 
Bacon: H-2A guest workers
Davidson: 2020 Elections 
Facundo: Higher Taxes
Editors: Socialist Internationalism
Knapp: Free Speech 
Swanson: Earth Over the Brink
Gordon: The Personal Still Political
Early: Single Payer
Horgan: Is Medicine Overrated?
Wallace: Too Horrible 
Collins: Taxing the (Very) Rich
Cooper: Europe’s creeping fascism
Kelly: Remnants of War
XR: Love & teargas
Early: XR’s Uprising
Pollin: Green New Deal 
Contributors: “Cease And Desist”
Greenwald: Exposing Corruption
Reyes: Pain meds, bathroom dashes
Monbiot: Owned
Solomon: Corporate Team of Rivals
Thorold: Democracy versus climate?
Wright: Political Correctness
Vaz: Chavista Overcoming Crisis
Friedman: Don’t Complain, Organize!
Croce: Working-Class Movements
Chomsjky: Trump Consolidating
Siskin: Red State Revolt
Day: Bernie Could Do in Power
Bello: Charismatic Politics
Gelderloos: Municipalists in Spain?
Rasmus: US vs. China

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