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Our Lydia, Your Lydia

From the many emails calls, and kindnesses received, clearly many feel this loss...

Christmas Letter 
Lydia Sargent, Live Like Her
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Selected for Activists

Some recent key pieces, updated regularly but remaining online longer than solely in the recent articles list....

Adams: Movement for Black Lives
Chomsky: Migration Is Not the Crisis
Albert: Possible Program
Devereaux: Daniel Hale 
baseMjondolo: Build solidarity
Nolan: West Virginia
Skinner:Bob Moses 
Aronoff: Climate Change
La Duke: Pipeline Protests
Benjamin: End the Embargo
Mellins: Progressive Wins in NY
Sanders: Big Win for Working Class
Disenhouse: Change & Disruption
Bell: Chilean Constitutional Assembly 
Glick: Sabotage?
Gijs: Migrant hunger strike 
Murillo: Colombia Erupts
Woodward: Human Cost of Doritos
Nunes: Organizing in midnight hour
Schwarz: Too Preposterous?
Mercieca: all propagandists now
Solomon: Nina Turner?
Morrison: Alabama Miners 
Early: Power Despite Precarity
Gibney: “Crime of the Century”
Kellam: four-day week has arrived
Yıldırım: Turkish electricity workers 
Rovics: Campaign Against Me
Johnson: OAC Slams Biden
Mann: Floods, Fires & Heat Waves
Elizalde: Cuba
Kelly: Shortened Workweek Success
Chomsky: Brazil                  
Kelly: Afghanistan
Burgis: Cuba
Rebellion: Nowhere Is Safe
Cooke: Left’s Curious Silence 
Athanasiou: Net-zero world?
Bradbury: Teamster Challengers
Mbete: South Africa
Polychroniou: Radical Action 
Engelfried: Now or never moment
Pearson: Cuba
Smalls: Chris Smalls
Kendi: Critical Race Theory
Thunberg: The show is over
Solomon: Sanders and Biden
Tejero: Three-Day Weekend 
Weisbrot: War on journalism
Benjamin: Cuba Protests
Walker: Educators Quitting
Hass: Israeli Apartheid?
Pagliarini: Brazilian Workers Love Lula
Cockburn: The Forever War
Dhara: Delusion of Economic Growth
Buell: Debt Jubilee for Renters
Lewis: Democratic Socialist Buffalo
DiMaggio: Frito-Lay Workers Strike 
Chomsky: Illusion and fantasy
Albert: DSA
Gordon: The Fires This Time
Landis: Climate unravels
Jensen: Sex and gender
Yi: Shanghai carbon transition
Schuhrke: Workers  on Strike
Giroux: Fighting Back
Driver: Comparative Advantage
Engler: Assassination of Moïse
Negrete: Spanish Left?
Dudzic: Solidarity with Tenet Nurses 
Eaton: The Tenet Nurses’ Strike 
Chidiac: Longshore workers for justice
Chomsky: Democrats
Prashad: Women Everywhere 
Aquino: Another pink tide?
Savage: Nina Turner 
Falk: Crime of Apartheid
Solomon: Denial Makes It Worse
Klikauer: The Origins of Murdochracy
Kim: Amazon Workers  to Take It Back
Stubbs: New Green-Red Zagreb
Schuhrke: Chicago Nurses 
Cour: Coal Miners Strike 
Wittner: Nationalism on Decline
Wittner: Know Yourself
Schwarz: Biden’s Bombing Campaign
Charnley:working-class voices
Fuentes: ‘Turning right, repressing left’
Santos: 15 Theses 
DW: Greece general strike 
Berrigan: Meatball Not Nuclear Subs
Swanson: Forget the Alamo
Hira: A Fight for Democracy
Zhang: Socialist India Walton 
Gurley: Teamsters and Amazon
Solomon: Corporate Democrats
Pitt: Rent Forgiveness 
Lacy: Socialist India Walton 
Cook: Glenn Greenwald?
Albert: Abolition!?
Varoufakis: Vaccinating Humanity
Lakha: Build Socialism
Nolan: White Collar Union Wave
Goldberg: Detroit People’s Charter

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