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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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Highlighted Content for Activists

Podur: Stealing Venezuela’s economy
Rasmus: Big Economic Questions 
Singer: ‘Changing the rules’
Krall: Transformative GND
Dobson: Venezuelan Military 
Prashad: Haiti and Venezuela
Jones: W.V. Teachers Strike Again
Lerner: Seek Affordable Housing
Kipfer: What Color is Your Vest?
Bonner: Elliott Abrams 
Falk: Troublesome Possibilities
Street: Actual National Emergencies
Wallerstein: How to Fight 
Flanders: Cooperatives 
Klare: War With China?
Baker: “Free Trade” 
Ellner: Anti-Maduro Narrative
Sarkar: Green Labor?
Read: School climate strikes
Monbiot: Children striking back
Prashad: U.S. in Venezuela?
Mochaidean: West Virginia Struggle
Klein: Battle Lines
Kelly: Peace in Afghanistan
Cohen: Unions See an Opening
Román: Denver Teachers Strike
Solomon: Bernie 2020 
Flowers: Vision For Green New Deal
Martinez: Youth Movements 
Bernat: Catalonia
Prashad: Pox Americana
Wood: The Battle for Venezuela
Fletcher: Northam controversy
Brooks: Nurses Strike
Ellner: Regime Change
Greenwald: Surveillance State
Jorden: ICE “New Normal”
Rasmus: Economy on the Brink
Falk: Practicing Fascism
Hudson: Venezuela's economy
Buell: Labor Strikes 
Hoxie: Rnding the Age of Billionaires
Pizzigati: Egalitarian Gains
Dorfman: Value of Compassion
Pollin: Green New Deal 
Halimi: France’s Class Wars
Zeese: The Latest Coup Attempt
Benjamin: Venezuela
García: Capitalism or Socialism
Swanson: Plutocratic Policy
Friedman: Good Organizers?
Knight: Urban Indigenous organizing
Woodhouse: Oakland Teachers 
Hunziker: CO2 Largest Rise
Ciccariello-Maher: Slow coup 
Podur: Propaganda system
Weisbrot: Destroy What’s Left
Rivera: Venezuela Coup
Santos: Life in Venezuela
Dolack: Lies about Venezuela
Gilets Jaunes: Strike call
Clemente: This Is America
Chomsky: Rousing the Multitudes
Nairn: Invading Venezuela?
Zeese: Single payer 
Early: Trusteeship Diaspora
Monbiot: Salvation
Baroud:Africa and Israel
Cohen: New Teacher Protests
Kelly: Defining Peace
Bond: ‘Mugabesque’ 
Fox Piven: Elections?
Blanc: LA Teachers Won
Wilpert: US Strategy in Venezuela
Vaz: Maduro V. Guaido
Salas: A Coup in Progress?
Contributors: Stop Interfering 
Ellner: U.S. Policy on Venezuela
Malone: Young Left’s Manifesto
Anderson: Insurrectionist overtones
Pizzigati: Case for a Maximum Wage
Burchelt: 1 tech = 1 million teachers
Cockburn: On the Brink of Brexit
Daniels: African Diaspora Rising
Jones: America at War
Bacon: Marriott Workers
Collins: Shutdown 
Main: US Intervening in Venezuela
Sacks: Los Angeles teacher strike
Falk: What’s Wrong with CNN?
Wallace-Wells: Ocasio-Cortez’s Allies
Monbiot: Male Fear
Kolhatkar: L.A. Teachers’ Strike 
Prashad: U.S. Into Venezuela?
Achtenberg: Tensions Roil Bolivia 
Bacon: New Day for Mexican Workers
Coles: Education, Jobs and Capitalism
Zibechi: LA Social Movements
Blanc: Billionaires vs. LA Schools
Jamail: A Planet in Crisis
Bond: Mixed messages
Sacks: LA Teachers Strike 
La Botz: DSA 2 Years Later
Natapoff: Misdemeanor Criminals
Prashad: Women's Wall
Rall: Progressive Agenda
Ogelsby: Coup in Guatemala
Monbiot: Don’t Breathe
Mimoun: Yellow vests 
Pearson: Poor Countries
Meyers: student workers
Stedile: fighting for justice
Olson: Infanitle Trump Bashing
Benjamin: green at peace
Stiglitz: Green New Deal
Solty: Talking About Power
Petersen: Burnout Generation
Kulkarni: Zimbabwe
Albert: Collaborate for Change
Voskoboynik: Extinction Rebellion
Cox: Revolutionary 1968
Turse: Bases, Bases, Everywhere…
Feffer: Rule by Decree?
Halimi: Forgotten France rises
Greenwald: Media Servants
Zeese: Yellow Vests In U.S.?
Sacks: LA Teachers’ Strike #1
Symbiosis: Symbiosis
Engelhardt: Donald an Asteroid?
Greenwald: NBC/MSNBC 
Allen: NAFTA 2.0
Rosenfeld: Fix election system
Ortiz: Christmas in Tornillo
Chuc: Strike
Zunes: Leave Syria
Becker: Four Roses Strikers
Roy: Rising Fascism
Solnit: Monuments
Greenwald: Assange-Manafort 
Dispatch: Mumia Appeal
Monbiot: Advertising & academia
Waldron: Brazil
Falk: Syria Withdrawal
Halimi: Prisoner for free speech
Greeman: “We are not tired”
Benjamin: U.S. Withdrawal 
Wasserman: Green New Deal
Swanson: Isolationism or Imperialism
Petchesky: 2019 Women’s March
Baptist: don’t miss this moment
Wolff: Economic System
Solomon: Corporate Democrats
Davis: Movements of the Future

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