Molly Shah: Yes, the death of Roe is ‘that bad’

The bastards did it, Roe v. Wade is dead, and anyone telling you it won’t be ‘that bad’ is lying to you.

Lillian Cicerchia: Voting Harder Won’t Bring Back Roe

We need an abortion rights movement that organizes beyond individual elections and fights for reproductive freedom as part of a federal universal health plan

Kenny Stancil: Biden, Democrats Urged to Protect Abortion Access in Post-Roe US

“The Supreme Court doesn’t get the final say on abortion”

Pema Levy: The Supreme Court Is Waging a Full-Scale War on Modern Life

The project that the conservative majority has undertaken is far more extreme than just going back to pre-Roe

Kalpana Jain: America’s religious communities are divided over the issue of abortion

Please Help Znet           Source: The Conversation New York City, New York – June 24 2022: Roe Vs Wade Ruling Protest at Washington Square Park. Abortion Rights Protest Photo by Jfern Visions/Shutterstock     Since the first indications that the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, Read more…

Gabriel Arkles: Bigoted Attacks Are Injecting Fear Into Pride Month, But We Won’t Back Down

This Pride, we have to remember that when we show up in numbers, white Christian supremacists are likely to back down

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Not a Justification but a Provocation’: Chomsky on the Root Causes of the Russia-Ukraine War

Chomsky believes that the main ‘background’ of this war, a factor that is missing in mainstream media coverage, is “NATO expansion.”

Paul Street: Report from Capitol Hill: Still the Trump Era

Only furious masses in the millions, an angry and organized populace, the people, can stop this revanchist juggernaut

Karma Samtani: New York Progressives and Socialists Are Hoping to Turn Legislative Setbacks Into Electoral Electricity

After key bills on climate and housing stalled in the legislature, left-wing organizers are working to topple Democratic incumbents and build a united front in Albany

David Cromwell: Don’t Extradite Assange

We can take a significant step towards a saner society by shouting loudly for Julian Assange to be freed immediately

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