Collective 20: Raise, Don’t Stabilize and Don’t Reduce Social Costs

We seek radical social transformation. But short of that, our actions should not only force elites to respond to our demands they should also expand democracy and plant the seeds of a new future in the present

Noam Chomsky: A Message to the Swing State

Trump is waging a war on truth, decency, our planet, and on working people. If Biden wins, we’ll be at his door on day one, demanding the kinds of structural reforms that advance racial, economic, and environmental justice. But before that, we have to #VoteTrumpOut in swing states

Norman Solomon: Why the Left Must Reject and Elect Biden at the Same Time

To make a progressive future possible, beating Trump is absolutely necessary while very far from sufficient. To organize against a government headed by Trump is to push against a thick stone wall. To organize against a government headed by Biden holds out the real potential of progressive breakthroughs.

Max Elbaum: Staring into the Economic Abyss

It will take an across-the-board combination of militant protest, get out the vote, and doing whatever is necessary to protect the results to best position partisans of justice, peace and saving the planet for the bitter battles that lie beyond November

Kathy Kelly: Reversal

Today, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the atomic attack on Hiroshima, should be a day for quiet introspection

Mel Gurtov: Falling Behind: COVID, Climate Change, and Chaos

“Normal” isn’t good, as in the following warning in November 2019: “we declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.”

Rosa Pavanelli: We Must Organize Like Never Before

To rebuild our public services and protect our communities, we must break the unholy alliance of finance and the far right

Extinction Rebellion: Fast and Furiously Nonviolent

Whether the virus spreads or shrinks, without action our world will continue to burn. We need to keep confronting a self-destructive system that is spiraling out of control

Katherine Eban: Public Health vs. Politics

White House Scrapped Nationwide COVID-19 Testing Plan to Hurt Blue States

Justin Podur: America’s Wars on Democracy in Rwanda and the DR Congo

Joe Emersberger interviewed Justin Podur regarding his new book about a conflict few understand thanks to, among other things, “Africanist” scholars.

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