Tom Athanasiou: The US Returns to the Paris Agreement

Slashing emissions at home is only part of the challenge—the United States must also help other countries go green

Lee Fang: Fossil Fuel Executives Gloat About Profits, PR From Texas Winter Storm Crisis

Comstock Resources, a shale drilling company, apologized for describing gas prices from the Texas storm as a “jackpot.”

Kay Whitlock: Jail Won’t Solve White Supremacist Violence. Here’s How to Truly Confront It.

At the heart of each of these approaches is a commitment to building community safety and well-being by strengthening capacity for solidarity and standing up to/dismantling white supremacist violence in its many social, cultural, political and economic guises

Juan Cole: Is Harvard denying Tenure to Cornel West over his views on Palestine?

West is convinced that his views on the Palestine issue are the real reason for which Harvard will not give him a permanent job

Charlie Ebert: Chile’s 2021 forecast: clouds of unrest and a drizzle of hope

Presidential elections, a constitutional reform process and rising social tensions: 2021 is shaping up to be a critical year that will define Chile’s future

Robert Greene II: Remembering W.E.B. Du Bois

As America faces a period of renewed racial and political polarization, Du Bois’s vision for building a multi-racial democracy is more relevant than ever

Ari Paul: Guardian Columnist’s Firing Over Israel Joke Highlights Paper’s Rightward Drift

The Guardian has fired one of its columnists for its US edition, Nathan Robinson, because Robinson jokingly tweeted about US military aid to Israel

John Clamp: Rohingya: The Sufis of Arakan

In reality, the whole of Rakhine state is a crime scene

Medea Benjamin: What Planet Is NATO Living On?

Only 17% of Europeans want closer economic ties with the United States, while even fewer, 10% of French and Germans, think their countries need America’s help with their national defense.

Ty Joplin: Texas’ Freeze Was One Part of a Long Disaster We’re Still Living Through

How can you recover if the crises never stop?

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