Being Left



Spanish Anarchist David Marty interviewed American Anarchist
and advocate of Participatory Economics and Participatory Society
at book length at the end of 2013. The book was undertaken
for publication in Spanish and Greek – with David translating
for the former, and Nicos Raptis for the latter. The interview
was conducted in English, however, and that is what
appears below…as links to each chapter.


A discussion of some early influences and factors
in radicalization, presented to be of general interest…
plus some Sixties reportage


A revealing account of the travails and rewards of developing
alternative media – South End Press, Z Magazine, and the
Z Communications web system, with quite a lot about funding on the left, as well


Offering Vision
Answers numerous questions about the conception
of parecon and parsoc, and their contents


Debating Vision
Recounts and responds to diverse concerns and criticisms that various people have had


Discusses Venezuela and efforts to establish ties, conduct interviews, etc.
Inside report responding to probing questioning.


Occupy and IOPS
Recounts experiences with the Occupy movements
and regarding the emergence and experiences of IOPS


Writings & Fanfare
Discusses writing in general, many books and such content,
and especially the most recent three volume set, Fanfare for the Future

Freely answering questions about long friendship with and
relations with Noam Chomsky, and directly about Noam



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