ZCom Debates

Extended Debates on ZNet typically involve a few exchanges with each essay or respponse to it having its own file with its own link.
You click the links that appear below to access pages that link to the many parts of each debate.
From there, you can follow the whole exchange, or directly access any one contribution. 


Comparing Parecon and Peercommony

Christian Siefkes and Michael Albert explore the intersections
and differences in these proposed alternatives to capitalist economics.


The Left & Climate Change

Robin Hahnel and Patrick Bond debate Left strategy and orientation towards climate

Parecon and Peer to Peer

Albert and Bauwens explore the relations between peer to peer and parecon


Three rounds of debate: Tim Wise/Horowitz debate race and racism, Robert Chrisman, Robert Allen, Herman, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, and Albert answer Horowitz on reparations, and Albert/Horowitz debate on economics.

Debating Global Warming

Cockburn, Monbiot and others debate issues of climate change…

Chomsky Vs. Dershowitz

Debating the Mideast

Iraq Election Debate

What should the attitude of the anti-war movement be toward the Iraqi election scheduled for the end of January?


Debates and Explorations on Anti-semitism. Includes Ed Herman, Michael Albert, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Judy Rebick, Justin Podur, Stephen Zunes…


Albert, Edward Herman, Tariq Ali, Jeffrey Sommers, and Hitchens

Balkans & Kosovo

Grubacic vs Plavsic…

Parecon & Anarchist Communism

Albert & Price…


Debate over U.S. policies, Kosovo, etc.

Global & Domestic Economics

Debate between George Monbiot and Michael Albert regarding anti-globalization and anti capitalist economic goals and methods.

Social Ecology Debate

Debate between Peter Staudenmaier and Michael Albert regarding social ecology and participatory economics.

Socialism Debate

Debates from New Politics Magazine over Albert essay with Barry Finger and Marvin Mandel

Schweickart Versus Albert

David Schweickart’s review claiming parecon is ludicrous and Albert’s reply and ensuing exchanges


Lydia Sargent satire essays critiquing confused feminisms.

Marxism, Socialism, Parecon

Debate between Alex Callinicos of the British SWP and Michael Albert regarding political theory, vision, strategy…

Marxism Debate

Debate between Alan Maass and Michael Albert regarding Marxism’s contemporary relevance.


Debate over Michael Albert’s essay titled “Anarchism,” mostly with primitivists…

Post Modernism/Science Etc.

This is an extensive section of about twenty essays and exchanges/debates. Contributors include Albert, Chomsky, Herman, and Ehrenreich, among others.

Conspiracy Theory

Various essays critical of conspiracy theory, with some debate.


Primarily Albert and ZNeter Brian Dominick debate the merits of consensus decision making.


Albert and Katha Pollit debate media, the Nation, etc.

Science Wars

Albert, Herman, and Chomsky essays plus Ehrenreich, Albert and Chomsky debate Raskin, Marglin, Nandy, and Ellis.


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