Debates: Peer to Peer and Parecon

What Do We Want?

An Exchange Between Michael Albert and Michel Bauwens

Begun April 2009
Concluded June 2009

Debating Parecon

Albert: Parecon: Future & Present
Bauwens: Reacting To Parecon
Albert: Replying to Reacting to Parecon
Bauwens: Second Reaction to Parecon
Albert: Second Reply Regarding Parecon
Bauwens: Final Reaction to Parecon (coming)

Albert’s Concluding Statement:

Debating Peer to Peer

Bauwens: Peer to Peer and the Future
Albert: Querying Confusions
Bauwens: Bauwin’s Replies to Albert’s First Reaction
Albert: Albert Reacts Again
Bauwens: Second Reply Regarding P2P
Albert: Final Reaction to P2P

Bauwen’s Concluding Statement:


  1. willi uebelherr March 24, 2014 5:03 am 

    dear friends,

    why all text lead to error?

    many greetings, willi

    • avatar
      Michael Albert March 25, 2014 5:22 pm 

      Not sure how this happened – since I think it was okay, earlier – but, at any rate, I have fixed it now…

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